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Democratic Education at Texas, Student-Led Courses
DemTex is a program sponsored by the School of Undergraduate Studies in which students have the opportunity to create their own course and syllabi in order to facilitate a seminar-style class. The goal of DemTex is to encourage undergraduate curiosity in an academic environment through peer-facilitated, for-credit (pass/fail) courses based on topics chosen by students. The focus of these courses is group exploration in which students learn about course topics as well as their own learning and teaching styles through question-driven, discussion-based classes.

For more information about creating or joining a DemTex course, e-mail utdemtex@gmail.com.
DemTex: Student-Led Courses | The University of Texas at Austin
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Senior Program Coordinator of the Office of Undergraduate Research and DemTex Director weigh in on the future of DemTex in this Orange Magazine article:

The DemTex Program: Will Democracy Survive?
by Ian Floyd
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